In an effort to save you time and keep the shopping process hassle-free, I carry two high quality Menswear Lines — J.Hilburn and HonourMark.  Both brands are sold direct to customers via selected personal stylists and on-line providing great value.  Let me help you dress your best and boost your confidence with my concierge-style, personal shopping service.  You will never have to set foot in a store again.

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J. Hilburn is a custom, luxury brand which provides access to fabrics from the most prestigious Italian mills, partnering with renowned factories to utilize their time-honored craftsmanship and latest technology for exceptional fit and make.  The result is a clothing experience that is first class.

All of J. Hilburn’s products, both custom and ready-to-wear, are painstakingly crafted.  Whether it’s stitches-per-inch or the perfect trim and hardware, no details are overlooked.   We produce luxury clothing and accessories that you will feel equal pride in wearing.

J. Hilburn offers:

Custom and Made-to-Measure:

Custom Shirts, Made-to-Measure Suits, Sportcoats, Trousers, Extended Sizing, Made-to-Measure Outerwear, American-Made custom belts, custom Italian ties, Made-to-Measure Polo shirts, Made-to-Measure chinos, 5-pockets and shorts (new) and Made-to-Measure Formal Wear.

We also offer a Made-to-Measure performance golf collection (new).


New, Unique Collaboration with DL 1961 Denim providing 2 styles in 7 exclusive washes. Also, AG Brand Denim in Graduate/ 2 washes.

Allen-Edmonds Shoes,  Cole Haan sneakers, sweaters, ties, pocket squares, Pantherella and Cole Haan socks and assorted formal accessories.

Wedding Services:

Tuxedos, Suits, Groomsmen Gifts (Custom Shirts, personalized handmade silk ties, accessories)

HonourMark is a new, luxury menswear brand designed and made in the USA for the sport of everyday offering a range of polished performance based sportswear with a focus on business as casual.  HonourMark’s idea of luxury is about versatility and comfort and materials are selected to satisfy a wide range of demands, withstand years of wear, all while using clean manufacturing methods.  HonourMark’s pieces offer the refined finish that sit with the world’s finest brands, built with the mindful sensibility of pure performance, all priced direct to you for an exceptional value.  Available exclusively through selected personal stylists or on-line. Click here to link to and use code: CynthiaHudson at check out for 10% off your first purchase.

HonourMark offers casual shirting, trousers and high-performance outerwear.